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Hello! I am one of the NICU mom's who you helped at Magee last year. I know it may be odd to send you a message out of the blue but I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me. My daughter Aurora was born on April 20th last year weighing 1lb 8oz (not sure if you remember us or not!). She had a very long road and we spent 99 days at Magee and then went to the Children's home for another 5 days before finally going home on August 1st last year! It was because of your support and encouragement that she has been exclusively breastfed since coming home! You helped me figure out how to use an SNS and supported my decision to stay in her NICU room 24/7 so I could be there for every feeding (I was very funny about her getting bottles and you were the only one who didn't look at me like I was crazy). I had a lot of wishes for my birth plan that were totally shattered with her traumatic delivery but breastfeeding was the one thing I wanted that I was able to keep, and that was largely due to you! I just wanted to send you some encouragement and let you know that you made such a difference! Please keep doing what you do! My daughter has only ever been fed by me and has been exclusively breastfed at the breast (no more pumping!). This is something I am very proud of since she was born so early and we were told it would probably never happen. She is extremely healthy now by the way, she has zero health issues whatsoever and has gained weight beautifully on only breastmilk! Sorry this was so long, but thank you for all you do and I hope my story may help others who are feeling discouraged!

I'm so glad I could connect with you! You were the only person in the NICU with the exception of 1 or 2 nurses who I felt was on my side and supported me. I am so so thankful every day that I am able to breastfeed and it is something I do not take for granted after what we went through!

Aurora's Mom

Mother and Baby

Jenn saved our breastfeeding journey. I came to her virtually with Baby 4 at four months old. I’d had concerns but everyone else had assured me she was a slow gainer and no concern, don’t compare babies.

She quickly identified that my daughter was tongue and lip tied and strongly suggested we get it taken care of.

Jenn was so supportive before, during, and after the procedure. With her tips and support, we managed to bring my milk in and get my daughter gaining. There were many days when I just didn’t know if I could do it but Jenn was always so encouraging and got us through this challenging time.- Beth B, Michigan

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